What It Means if Your Ex Wants to Meet Up

If you and your ex-live-in the same town it’s pretty obvious that you will see each other after the breakup. In the street, in a mall, at a restaurant or in a drugstore. For some people it’s really a big deal, they don’t know what to do,  how to behave and react, whether to talk or pretend you haven’t noticed this person. But in this case, you at least know you faced your ex occasionally and it was not planned for some reason. The other thing is when your ex-wants to meet up and tries to arrange a meeting. Then usually all the problems start.

Well, it’s actually quite understandable that a person you’ve had relationships with wants to see you and talk to you. You spent time together, you were parts of each other’s lives, you got used to each other and you were in love finally. So what’s wrong if he’s curious about your current life and what’s happening? Aren’t you curious as well? Maybe he’s married already and has 3 kids but still dreams of you at night?

There could be numerous reasons why your ex-wants to meet up. Here we’ve highlighted the most popular ones:

    1. Your ex-misses you. Yeah, it’s as simple as that.
    2. Your ex-didn’t manage to tell you everything he/she wanted before the breakup. You can’t blame them for that.
    3. Your ex just looks for comfort in a familiar place. They already know you and how it feels being close to you.
    4. Your ex-wants to apologize. It’s always the right thing to do if you hurt someone, even if it was long before.
  • Your ex-wants validation. You know, comparing who is happier now.
  • Your ex just wants sex. Well, at least you know you are good at it then.

So let’s imagine you are too curious to miss this opportunity to meet up and you finally agree. Please remember: it will be much easier for both of you if you take this “date” as a meeting with your old friend, not your ex. Do not let yourself dive into emotions and recall all the reasons you broke up. Just have a nice talk, remembering happy moments and discussing your mutual friends and enemies. And just DON’T bring up your personal life and current partner. Nobody wants to hear that, even if you have already moved on completely.

The thing is that your ex is not the worst person in the world. If he/she didn’t betray you, of course. If you broke up just because you had found out you were not meant for one another, you can still be in good relations and meet up from time to time like old friends who were once living together. You can develop a new level relationship with a person you loved. Give it a chance and maybe one day you’ll realize that that’s the kind of relationships you’ve always wanted with this person.

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